HTML is a programming language or not


HTML is a Programming Language? Many of us think about it whether HTML is a programming language or not. Well, before answering this question, we must know all about HTML. First of all, let us dive into this topic:

What is HTML?


HTML was created by Tim Berners Lee. HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language which is a basic language used to structure the webpage. HTML contains different tags that are used to write the document with its head, title, and body. As we see the word Markup is used in the abbreviation of the HTML. Don’t know what is Markup Language, let’s Know:

What is a Markup Language?


Markup Language is used to create a structure on the webpage. Markup Language is not a Programming Language. It is a way of annotation of the document that is syntactically different from the normal text. Markup languages are basically used to control the presentation data using the tags like title, head, body, headings, paragraphs, etc.

What is a Programming Language?

programming language

The set of instructions or codes given to the computer for the creation of a Program or for performing a specific task and the language used in creating such a program is known as a Programming Language. Programming Language is a high-level language. There is a use of compiler in processing this type of language. These types of languages are used to communicate with hardware devices.

Some of the features of Programming Languages are that some logics and conditions are involved in them like if, else, elseif, etc. Some examples of the Programming Languages are C, C++, Java, Basic, FORTRAN, etc.

What is Scripting Language?

scripting language

The computer language in which the commands are executable without being compiled is known as Scripting Language. The compiler is computer software that checks the error in the commands given by the user or the code that is written by the user, and converts them into machine language so that the computer can understand it. Rather, the interpreter is used to execute the scripting language. This is only the major difference between the scripting language and programming language that the former requires the compiler for execution and the latter one doesn’t require compiler of its execution.

Notably, PHP, Perl, Python (Server-side), and Javascript (Client-side) are some examples of the scripting languages commonly used.

Conclusion: HTML is a programming language or not?

No, HTML is not a programming language. As we learn above, we can infer that HyperText Markup Language is not a Programming Language but it is a Markup Language because there is neither the use of logic and conditions nor the use of compiler for its execution but rather it is only used to make a structure of a webpage or a document only.

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